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How To Transfer Your Loved One From A Skilled Nursing Facility To In-Home Care

How To Transfer Your Loved One From A Skilled Nursing Facility To In-Home Care

Deciding to move your loved one from a skilled nursing facility to in home care Orange County can leave you with any questions. Although some nursing facilities like Crescendo Senior Living of Placentia and Town and Country Manor in Santa Ana can provide adequate care, there are many benefits to having Home Care Providers meet your loved ones’ needs. The choice for long or short-term care solutions doesn’t have to be a complicated process. This agency, to whom most in Orange County turn to, is here to help.

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Why Choose Home Care

There are many reasons why family members decide to bring their loved ones back home. First of all, they will be closer to the family. Access to loved ones in nursing facilities can depend on restrictions and hours of visitation, limiting your ability to see them (or allowing them to see you) regularly. Learn more about why seniors in Orange County prefer at home care.

Second, you may want to consider letting them live in the comforts of home. Although some senior communities like Oakmont of Whittier and Silverado Tustin are comfortable and familiar like your home, other nursing home facilities can sometimes be a sterile, hospital-like setting. There is nothing better than feeling like you are home, and it provides a better sense of well-being for the patient.

Finally, not every facility is like Silverado Brea, which provides individualized care plans for its patients. Most facilities provide a standard operating procedure that most patients adhere to while living there. They rise, eat, bathe, and go to bed on a regimented schedule. In home care allows the flexibility for treatment and programs based on your loved one, not on the provider.

What to Look For In A Home Care Provider

When looking at different in home care providers, there are a few things that you should ask if the agency offers. You will want to form a good bond with the agency you are working in Orange County. You should feel a sense of trust and compassion. However, there are other factors to consider also.

First, does the provider also provide home care services? Having a helping hand alleviates the family from taking care of essential household functions, like cleaning and doing dishes. It is even more cost-efficient not having to hire another agency to perform such services. Home Care Providers is an agency that provides this, along with other services such as transportation and medication pickup.

Second, the health and security of your loved one are of utmost importance. Having a healthcare provider certified to administer medications can perform essential nursing functions check vitals, and provide security for the individual. At the same time, they are in their care is so important.

Finally, the provider should help develop and work with other practitioners and the family to create an individualized care plan. This plan will set some small goals for everyday services, as well as potential long-term goals. Knowing that the provider is there to help establish a good quality of life for your loved one is essential.

The Process Of Starting In Home Care

Once you have decided to move a loved one from a nursing facility, the first step is to make the initial call to find out what your options are. You will speak to a Registered Nurse about your needs, and they will help you create an individualized care plan that will meet all of your loved one’s needs and fulfill your expectations. They will help you decide how an in-home provider can best achieve results through an individualized plan. From there, they will help you to through the process and be there each step of the way.

The decision to move a loved one into a different level of treatment can happen for any reason. The goal is to ensure that the patient is receiving the best care possible that meets their needs.

The process should be simple, but the plan should be comprehensive. Contacting Home Care Providers today will help you ease your mind and answer your questions to help your loved one live the best life possible. For more information regarding our at home care services, or how we handle Orange County in home care during the Coronavirus pandemic, please contact our offices today.

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