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LTC (Long Term Care) specific support:

Do you have a Long Term Care policy? Are you uncertain about how to proceed? We can help. Our team is knowledgeable in LTC Insurance claims administration, including reimbursement and initial claim support. For no additional fees, we routinely help our clients through their entire claim. We will help you navigate your policy and maximize your daily or monthly benefits so that you don’t have to worry about the details. Here are the most common Long-Term Care questions we receive from our LTC clients:

I don’t know what my policy covers?

Don’t worry – we can review your policy with you and help you to make sense of it. If we can’t give you an answer we will coordinate the support with the carrier or with our trusted partners. We can offer you a free policy review for you or a loved one so that you know how much your policy will cover.

What does it mean if there is a daily, monthly or lifetime max?

The daily maximum is a certain amount of money that you will be reimbursed for care provided on a specific day. If you have a monthly maximum you will be reimbursed for all the care costs up to a specified amount. The lifetime maximum is simply the total reimbursable amount of care you will receive from your carrier subjected to the daily or monthly maximums.
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Is there an Elimination Period?

Most policies have an elimination period – the time you must receive care before your policy will begin to reimburse your care. In most cases we deal with its 90 days but it can vary widely and you should consult your policy for specifics. Other common Elimination Period questions we can help you answer:
  • Has the period been satisfied? Full or partial?
  • Is there anyway to speed up the Elimination Period?
  • Can you track my Elimination Period? (YES!)
  • What is the difference between 90 service days versus 90 day elimination?

What is the difference between calendar and service days?

This is a significant point in most LTC policies. In many cases the elimination period is confusing and leads to significant heartache among our clients. Please call us at 714-671-6877 if you have any questions. If you have a service day elimination period you must have service and invoices for the total number of days required in your policy. Do you know the difference?

Can you help me with the endless paperwork?

Yes!! We will!

Does the policy cover home care?

At what percentage (100%)? What is the daily policy maximum for home care?

Is there an inflation rider?

What percentage? What is the anniversary date?

What are the policy requirements for coverage?

What triggers or ADL’s will be needed to determine if care is covered? ADL’s: bathing, continence maintenance, dressing, feeding (eating), toileting, transferring.

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