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Do You Need Home Care?

10 Signs

Your Aging Parent May Need Help

Adult family should be aware of changes in their parent’s attitudes or behavior — changes which are often undetectable over the telephone. There are clear warning signs that some type of intervention is needed.

  1. Mail and bills are left to pile up for long periods of time.
  2. The house is cluttered or unkempt. No laundry is done.
  3. Food in the refrigerator is uneaten or spoiled. Shopping, cooking, and cleaning become too much trouble.
  4. Signs of scorching on the bottoms of pots and pans may be a result of short-term memory loss.
  5. The parent wears the same clothing over and over again and has other personal hygiene issues.
  6. Missed doctor’s appointments. Sometimes this is simply a product of not having transportation and not knowing how to access ride options.
  7. Repeated phone calls at odd hours. When a parent telephones friends or family at odd hours, it may be a sign of memory loss, or a cry for help — a sign of depression or isolation.
  8. Consistently forgetting to take medication may be a sign of short-term memory loss or depression. This isn’t just a quality of life issue, but a real risk factor.
  9. Inappropriate behavior, clothing or speech. This may be a sign that he or she might be confused.
  10. Symptoms of depression are a frequent problem for many older people who feel isolated and alone.

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