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Is Franchise or Privately Owned Home Care Better

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We want to share some insight about franchises and locally owned private at home care agencies in Orange County that may help identify your best options. Each certainly has pros and cons. Private companies that are locally owned may seem attractive because usually, the owners are local and may even be friends or neighbors. On the other hand, franchises may seem like the right choice because of the larger entity behind them, ensuring franchise standards are met. Home Care Providers is a leading in home care Orange County agency.

The Franchise Model

Think about well a well-known franchise, like UPS Stores or Subway. When you use their products or services, the experience is pretty consistent regardless of which location you visit. A franchise is a business model that independent individual owner/operators buy into and are provided with a playbook to follow. Home care franchises in Orange County are no different – consistency is an important goal for all locations.

Privately Owned And Operated Home Care Providers

Privately owned at home care providers build their business from the ground up. There isn’t a playbook they buy to dictate how they should establish their business. Private at home care companies tend to have owners with experience in senior care. The experience gained as social workers, nurses, and physicians give them an advantage when starting their own business. In addition, unlike the copy/paste method of franchises, privately-owned home care companies tend to be more flexible- making it easier to provide the custom care a client needs rather than fitting a standardized care plan.

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Challenges to Consider with Franchises

Because of the consistency amongst franchise companies, clients are less likely to experience flexibility and customization with a franchise company. Privately-owned companies decide their own services and prices. They can also adjust pricing and services without getting approval from above, allowing in home care to be customized as needed.
Because franchise owners serve predetermined geography, there are limitations to whom they can provide care. In addition, while franchise owners generally work well together, there are some who are more difficult. We are aware of instances when families wanted to move their elderly family member closer to where they lived, and the franchise owner in that zip code was uncooperative.
When choosing an at home healthcare provider in Orange County, it is very important to ask questions; and try to talk to the clients and families at each location being considered.

Some questions to ask:

  • Tell us about your license and insurance coverage.
  • Tell us about the work culture?
  • What are the time and attendance policies?
  • How do you screen caregivers?
  • Describe ongoing training for staff.
  • What are the on-call procedures?
  • How are emergencies handled?

The answers to these questions will provide insight into how much the staff feels about their employer, how qualified both the agency and the caregivers are, and how they are likely to treat your loved one. For more information regarding our services, such as transferring to Orange County at home care, or how we provide at home care in Orange County admist the COVID pandemic, please contact us.

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