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How To Evaluate Home Care

How To Evaluate If An Agency Is Good — Or Not So Good — In 5 Questions

So, how do you tell what is a “good” agency and what’s a “not so good” agency? Is price any indication? Not necessarily. Asking the right questions will determine if your loved one gets the right care.

Here are five questions to evaluate your home care provider agency. And, we’ve gone ahead and provided answers about us to help guide your search.

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  • How Does Your Agency Monitor A Caregiver’s Performance?
    Our caregivers go through a rigorous supervision process to make sure the highest standards of care are met. Moreover, we use a third-party—Home Care Pulse—to gather honest feedback from our clients.
  • What Solutions Are Offered When A Caregiver Doesn’t Show Up?
    Our caregivers understand the importance of showing up for the job. Moreover, our strict hiring standards accurately evaluate timeliness and punctuality.We do have a 24-hour on-call service. So, if there are any unforeseen problems, our caregivers can call us immediately. You are then notified and, if necessary, a qualified replacement is sent without delay.
  • Does Your Management Team Have Experience In Healthcare?
    We have very experienced staff. Our nursing department is led by management with 30+ years of nursing experience in the hospital, home health, and acute care settings.  Our caregivers are experienced in assisting your loved ones with the best in home care for their needs, such as helping prepare for flu day.
  • Can You Provide 24-Hour Care And Is There An Hourly Minimum Required?
    Yes, we provide around-the-clock care. And, our hourly minimum is a two-hour shift.
  • Will A Representative Visit My Home For An Interview?
    Our interviews are made for you to receive the best in personalized care. Our process begins with an initial phone call and then a Registered Nurse Assessment Interview. We understand the importance of keeping your loved ones safe and healthy, this is why we promote in home care as a safe alternative to assisted living.During the initial call:

    1. First, we determine your challenges and how we can set up care to help.
    2. Second, we connect you directly with a Registered Nurse to discuss care needs and how our personalized services will positively impact you and your loved one.

    During the RN Assessment Interview:

    1. We thoroughly explain how your loved one will be taken care of during every stage of their aging process.
    2. Based on current health conditions, we make recommendations that support your personalized care plan.

About Home Care Providers

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You’ll enjoy personal home care plans for your loved one. Since we are independently owned, and not part of a larger franchise system, we can proudly invest in you.

Because we customize your care plan, we provide the best training to each caregiver regarding the specific care needs for your senior.

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