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Home-Based Care Is Key to Fighting Virus Outbreaks

As COVID-19 spreads around the world, healthcare experts are trying to find ways to fight the spread and prepare for further battles with global pandemics. Most recently, an article in The New England Journal of Medicine highlighted the practical lessons that were shared by exhausted clinicians in Italy.

The main takeaway is home-based care can help save lives and strengthen the U.S. healthcare system. Easily accessible home care for both the prevention and treatment of the coronavirus can help many people safely and quickly receive care. And even more so now, since experts are confident that this initial surge will likely not be the last time our health care system battles COVID-19-like outbreaks. Home Care Providers offers in home care Orange County as a safe alternative to traditional assisted living facilities.

Clinical experts are calling for proactive and widespread home-based care plans to keep patients safe at home and away from hospitals. At Home Care Providers, our goal is to help ease the daily struggles faced with aging for both our clients and their families.

Home Care Agencies To The Rescue

Home care agencies can now play a significant role in helping communities respond to virus outbreaks. Protocols and practices that originate from home-based care plans will be able to support the healthcare system, and most importantly, families who need to find safe and easily accessible at-home care. We understand that choosing the right at home care for your loved ones may be a daunting task. The ability to live in the comfort of your own home is what drives our team of dedicated caregivers.

Relying on hospitals for primary care needs during a pandemic has proven not to be a manageable system. For those with mild to moderate symptoms, a home care agency can help families manage their loved one’s care at home while keeping them away from hospitals. Home Care Providers offers in home medical care, travel care, respite care, recovery services, medical transport, companionship, and more. Our team of in home caregivers are also properly trained to keep your loved ones healthy, such as preparing them for flu season.

Keep Patients At Home

Given these unprecedented times, it is worth examining how much more care can be provided in the home. For example, less severe cases of coronavirus can be treated at home with primary care. And, tools used in the hospital to combat the effects of the coronavirus can be administered at home as well. Prioritizing in-home prevention of hospital stays, for those with or without COVID-19, can significantly impact how communities and families safely prepare for virus outbreaks. Whether you need long term care, respite care, short term recovery care, travel care, or highly skilled and specialized care, our team is ready to help serve your needs.

Home Care Providers Can Help You Stay Safe

Clinicians have been starkly clear in their message that only severely sick patients should be treated in the hospital. A lot of patients who have mild symptoms can be managed at home. What’s more, investing in home-based care can strengthen our healthcare system overall and help prevent the devastating spread of a virus during future pandemics. Our caregivers live in the communities that we serve, the experience and understanding we can provide cannot be matched by franchise home care providers. Our focus and passion is to provide affordable private pay home care in the communities where we live, work, and play.

If clinical experts are correct, and the coronavirus will threaten the U.S. health system for an extended period, we need to continue pressing on and readying home care staff to take on virus outbreaks. The ability to deploy large amounts of trained, prepared home care workers is key. A customized and skilled approach to providing at home care in our local communities is our mission. For more information, call Home Care Providers at (714) 671-6877 or schedule a consultation here.

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