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Hourly Home Care For Your Loved One

Hourly Home Care For Your Loved One

It is not uncommon for families to think the only option for their elderly loved one is a nursing home. We want you to know that your senior doesn’t have to spend their lives in the care of institutions. Learn more about elderly home care in Yorba Linda to find out how keeping a loved one in their own home with professional care from Home Care Providers can save money and provide a better quality of life.

The cost of nursing homes is going up

One reason for the increase in nursing home costs is likely due to current healthcare policies. In contrast, at-home care prices have been comparatively steady. One year in a nursing home could cost over $80,000!

Medicare only covers short-term care

Despite what many believe, Medicare does not provide full coverage for long-term care facilities. Medicare only pays for specific conditions in the short term, such as illness, injury, or specific surgeries. If a senior requires physical therapy because they had a stroke or broke their hip, Medicare will cover only the first 20 days of rehabilitation at 100%.

When you become a Medicare beneficiary, you might assume it encompasses all your healthcare needs. It usually covers physician’s visits, pharmacy purchases, and medical equipment for use at home. However, Medicare coverage does not extend to custodial care. Custodial care is when seniors get assistance with “activities of daily living” or ADLs, such as feeding and bathing. Custodial care also includes room and board and utilities like gas and electricity.

Medicaid, unlike Medicare, will cover the expenses of custodial care in a nursing home. However, Medicaid is meant to help people with low income, and your senior will need to meet specific income requirements. Even though Medicaid covers nursing home custodial care, sometimes seniors prefer to live in their own homes. It might be worth checking if Medicaid assistance for in-home care is an option for your loved one.

Hourly home care is generally cheaper compared to long-term nursing home care

Hourly care at home is a valid option for many seniors. Home care provides a more comfortable environment for loved ones and is significantly cheaper (studies show 80% cheaper). With a nursing home, you are paying for skilled professionals who are on the clock 24/7. Your loved one may only need a wound care visit a couple of times a week or someone to check in from time to time to make sure they are taking their medications, so the costs of around-the-clock care may not be practical. They also might not need someone to stay overnight. It’s important to realize that many seniors living alone do not need constant caretaking or monitoring.

Consider making Home Care Providers your choice for elderly home care

Here are some of the benefits of hourly home care for seniors:

  • Peace of mind knowing your loved one is in good hands.
  • Flexible hours let you choose when the aide comes to help at home.
  • Competitive rates that are fair and affordable for the quality received.

Home Care Providers does it all – meal prep, showering and dressing assistance, med reminder visits, and more. Home Care Providers also has a popular “ala carte” program called “House Call Visits,” which offers affordable caregiving services regardless of the task or amount of time required, even if only one hour is needed.

If you need elderly home care, Yorba Linda, you can be assured that Home Care Health is committed to helping seniors stay safe and comfortable in their own homes.

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