COVID-19: Safety & Prevention at Home Care Providers

How To Find Alzheimer’s Care Near Me

Over the past few months, we have implemented safety precautions designed to safeguard our clients, their families, and staff to maintain rigorous preventive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 throughout our organization.

As part of our commitment to keeping our clients and their families informed, we are continuing to update those we care for, and their loved ones, of our preventive measures.

We know that this is a challenging time, and thank you for your continued trust in our home care services. We take our responsibility as home care providers seriously and want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to focus on helping to combat this illness.

Preventive Measures at Home Care Providers Concerning COVID-19

Throughout our entire organization, we are following CDC guidelines and working with state health departments to ensure that we have access to the most recent information regarding COVID-19.

Key features of our response to COVID-19 includes:

  • Fully informing our staff with information of the current and upcoming vaccines
  • Encouraging all staff to discuss preventive precautions with their individual healthcare providers
  • Continue to require the use of protective face masks at all times – until otherwise notified by the CDC
  • Continue to enforce refraining from work when experiencing ANY symptoms of a cold or flu, with or without a fever
  • Maintaining heightened disinfecting and cleaning procedures
  • Closely following CDC guidelines on how to minimize exposure to respiratory pathogens
  • Adhering to personal protective equipment (PPE) recommendations
  • Strongly encouraging hand hygiene and other sanitary practices for all clients and staff
  • Continually training and updating our caregivers and staff on infection control practices and new information from various health organizations
  • Ensuring that all our prevention policies are followed consistently and correctly; and
  • Actively monitoring for signs of illness, including routinely checking our clients and staff members

What are Home Care Provider’s infection control protocols?

We strictly follow the CDC infection prevention and control recommendations, which can be found here:

And should the CDC update its guidelines, we will adjust our procedures accordingly.

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What is next?

Home Care Providers remains proactively focused on preventing the spread of COVID-19 or any other communicable diseases, which range from the common cold to the flu, and we have procedures and protocols in place for times such as these.

The information above are the immediate steps we’ve taken to limit our clients’ and staffs’ risk of exposure, and we are continually preparing for all possible scenarios. In the meantime, we will continue to work with our local vendors to ensure that we have adequate stocks of necessary supplies throughout our organization.

We understand your concerns regarding COVID-19 and are fully committed to the safety and health of every single person who we care for.

If you or a loved one is in need of specialized care, please contact us today for a customized solution.

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The Importance Of An Advocate: 7 Senior Health Benefits

health advocate helps seniors navigate

The simple fact is many elderly Americans will eventually require some form of home care assistance. Home healthcare professionals—also known as caregivers—work with family members, community agencies, and medically-trained professionals like nurses and doctors to broaden the scope of care for seniors and provide better health outcomes. For specialized care, such as at home Alzheimer’s care, having a healthcare advocate is especially important.

If you’re ready to schedule care now, receive a free phone consultation within 24 hours here.

Health Advocates Enhance Safety

A health advocate can have a lot of value for older adults, with some immediate benefits such as improving their safety.

Trained caregivers can help families deal with the daily challenges of aging and provide the necessary support to allow older adults to remain independent for as long as possible—exactly what seniors and their families want most.

  • Seniors need a qualified caregiver to look out for their best interests.
  • Visiting the doctor can be an overwhelming and exhausting blur for some older adults.
  • Many seniors might not be able to fully understand what the doctor says, perhaps aren’t comfortable asking questions, might not like to speak frankly about concerns and symptoms, or aren’t capable of insisting on treatments that are in their best interests.
  • Most seniors need the help of a trusted relative, spouse, caregiver, or home healthcare manager to help them understand their treatment options and medical conditions as well as coordinate and communicate with their doctors to get the best care possible.

What Is A Health Advocate?

A health advocate helps seniors navigate our medical system. They can accompany seniors to appointments, talk with doctors, research health conditions, and help manage medical bills and health insurance.

If you have been caring for an older adult, this caretaker role probably sounds familiar to you. A health advocate does not need to be a trained medical professional to the same degree as a doctor. For instance, a family caregiver often does the job. And, most likely, your senior has multiple health conditions and sees a variety of doctors or specialists. Enlisting the help of a nurse coordinated Alzheimer’s caregiver would ensure that your loved one is receiving the best care, while also helping to alleviate pressure from family members.

7 Health Benefits From Having A Health Advocate

A health advocate can significantly improve an older adult’s quality of life and overall health.

That is because home healthcare advocates help by:

  • Keeping track of old and new symptoms, any problems with current treatments or medications, or significant changes to discuss with the doctor.
  • Helping medical professionals understand your older adult’s complete health situation and coordinating treatments to improve health problems without causing side effects or issues. And if any side effects do become an issue, working with doctors and nurses to find a solution.
  • Managing current prescriptions and making sure all medications and supplements are reviewed and updated regularly.
  • Going together to medical appointments, bringing up important questions for the doctor, taking notes, and making sure critical details aren’t overlooked.
  • Taking plenty of time to patiently explain your senior’s health conditions, treatments, and why it is essential to follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • Finding the specialists, doctors, and hospitals that meet your older adult’s treatment needs and are covered by their insurance plan.
  • Dealing with health insurance—coverage questions, billing errors, claims, payments, etc.

We’re There When You Need Us

You’ll enjoy personal home healthcare plans for your loved one. We customize all our home healthcare plans to provide the best training to each caregiver regarding your senior’s specific care needs. We also take additional precautions to ensure we can provide crisis safe care for Alzheimer’s patients.

Since we are independently owned, and not part of a larger franchise system, we can proudly invest in you. For more information about Home Care Providers, click here.

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How To Evaluate Home Care

How To Evaluate If An Agency Is Good — Or Not So Good — In 5 Questions

So, how do you tell what is a “good” agency and what’s a “not so good” agency? Is price any indication? Not necessarily. Asking the right questions will determine if your loved one gets the right care.

Here are five questions to evaluate your home care provider agency. And, we’ve gone ahead and provided answers about us to help guide your search.

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  • How Does Your Agency Monitor A Caregiver’s Performance?
    Our caregivers go through a rigorous supervision process to make sure the highest standards of care are met. Moreover, we use a third-party—Home Care Pulse—to gather honest feedback from our clients.
  • What Solutions Are Offered When A Caregiver Doesn’t Show Up?
    Our caregivers understand the importance of showing up for the job. Moreover, our strict hiring standards accurately evaluate timeliness and punctuality.We do have a 24-hour on-call service. So, if there are any unforeseen problems, our caregivers can call us immediately. You are then notified and, if necessary, a qualified replacement is sent without delay.
  • Does Your Management Team Have Experience In Healthcare?
    We have very experienced staff. Our nursing department is led by management with 30+ years of nursing experience in the hospital, home health, and acute care settings.  Our caregivers are experienced in assisting your loved ones with the best in home care for their needs, such as helping prepare for flu day.
  • Can You Provide 24-Hour Care And Is There An Hourly Minimum Required?
    Yes, we provide around-the-clock care. And, our hourly minimum is a two-hour shift.
  • Will A Representative Visit My Home For An Interview?
    Our interviews are made for you to receive the best in personalized care. Our process begins with an initial phone call and then a Registered Nurse Assessment Interview. We understand the importance of keeping your loved ones safe and healthy, this is why we promote in home care as a safe alternative to assisted living.During the initial call:

    1. First, we determine your challenges and how we can set up care to help.
    2. Second, we connect you directly with a Registered Nurse to discuss care needs and how our personalized services will positively impact you and your loved one.

    During the RN Assessment Interview:

    1. We thoroughly explain how your loved one will be taken care of during every stage of their aging process.
    2. Based on current health conditions, we make recommendations that support your personalized care plan.

About Home Care Providers

We’re there when you need us.

You’ll enjoy personal home care plans for your loved one. Since we are independently owned, and not part of a larger franchise system, we can proudly invest in you.

Because we customize your care plan, we provide the best training to each caregiver regarding the specific care needs for your senior.

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Home-Based Care Is Key to Fighting Virus Outbreaks

As COVID-19 spreads around the world, healthcare experts are trying to find ways to fight the spread and prepare for further battles with global pandemics. Most recently, an article in The New England Journal of Medicine highlighted the practical lessons that were shared by exhausted clinicians in Italy.

The main takeaway is home-based care can help save lives and strengthen the U.S. healthcare system. Easily accessible home care for both the prevention and treatment of the coronavirus can help many people safely and quickly receive care. And even more so now, since experts are confident that this initial surge will likely not be the last time our health care system battles COVID-19-like outbreaks. Home Care Providers offers in home care Orange County as a safe alternative to traditional assisted living facilities.

Clinical experts are calling for proactive and widespread home-based care plans to keep patients safe at home and away from hospitals. At Home Care Providers, our goal is to help ease the daily struggles faced with aging for both our clients and their families.

Home Care Agencies To The Rescue

Home care agencies can now play a significant role in helping communities respond to virus outbreaks. Protocols and practices that originate from home-based care plans will be able to support the healthcare system, and most importantly, families who need to find safe and easily accessible at-home care. We understand that choosing the right at home care for your loved ones may be a daunting task. The ability to live in the comfort of your own home is what drives our team of dedicated caregivers.

Relying on hospitals for primary care needs during a pandemic has proven not to be a manageable system. For those with mild to moderate symptoms, a home care agency can help families manage their loved one’s care at home while keeping them away from hospitals. Home Care Providers offers in home medical care, travel care, respite care, recovery services, medical transport, companionship, and more. Our team of in home caregivers are also properly trained to keep your loved ones healthy, such as preparing them for flu season.

Keep Patients At Home

Given these unprecedented times, it is worth examining how much more care can be provided in the home. For example, less severe cases of coronavirus can be treated at home with primary care. And, tools used in the hospital to combat the effects of the coronavirus can be administered at home as well. Prioritizing in-home prevention of hospital stays, for those with or without COVID-19, can significantly impact how communities and families safely prepare for virus outbreaks. Whether you need long term care, respite care, short term recovery care, travel care, or highly skilled and specialized care, our team is ready to help serve your needs.

Home Care Providers Can Help You Stay Safe

Clinicians have been starkly clear in their message that only severely sick patients should be treated in the hospital. A lot of patients who have mild symptoms can be managed at home. What’s more, investing in home-based care can strengthen our healthcare system overall and help prevent the devastating spread of a virus during future pandemics. Our caregivers live in the communities that we serve, the experience and understanding we can provide cannot be matched by franchise home care providers. Our focus and passion is to provide affordable private pay home care in the communities where we live, work, and play.

If clinical experts are correct, and the coronavirus will threaten the U.S. health system for an extended period, we need to continue pressing on and readying home care staff to take on virus outbreaks. The ability to deploy large amounts of trained, prepared home care workers is key. A customized and skilled approach to providing at home care in our local communities is our mission. For more information, call Home Care Providers at (714) 671-6877 or schedule a consultation here.

How To Find A Crisis-Safe Caregiver

How To Find A Crisis Safe Caregiver Optimized

Safety measures done with skill is a critical need for seniors, especially during times of crisis. Whether you require long-term, short-term, or specialized care, it’s essential to choose a dedicated at home Alzheimer’s care provider that has a big heart for offering the best in skilled care and serving your senior well, no matter the circumstances.

Qualified caregivers that go the extra mile can be hard to find, that’s why we want to help you find the perfect companion. The ability to help others live their fullest life at home is what should drive your qualified Alzheimer’s caregiver. Most everyone enjoys living with the comforts of home and being able to gather with loved ones whenever they please. Yet, for those who are older, living at home can often be a challenge without qualified outside help.

So how do you find a safe caregiver? Here are a few tips to help guide your search:

1. Assess the home care needs

Before you go out looking for home care providers, know precisely why a caregiver is needed. Determine what is required and the type of skill that matches the needs of your loved one. Is there a requirement for additional assistance with household care, personal care, or health care? Maybe the primary focus is on providing a companion to escort or drive your older adult to appointments and outings. Or is there a need for non-medical personal care such as dressing, bathing, toileting, and meal preparation? No matter what type of care your loved one needs, our nurse coordinated caregivers are here to provide the best support for their specific needs.

The type of experience and skill a caregiver has to offer is a vital component in finding a caregiver who is a perfect fit. Does your senior need someone to help with shopping, housecleaning, running errands, bill paying, or money management? Selecting the right caregiver can be crucial for helping their overall health and wellbeing.

2. Prepare a job description

Take the time to sit down and write a job description. Make a detailed list of what the job entails, this can help your home care provider make an accurate care plan. For everyone involved, it’s crucial to be honest and upfront about what tasks are needed. Be sure to include any details related to a certain level of healthcare training (for example, Licensed Practical Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Registered Nurse) being able to drive or able to operate special equipment. You don’t want to hire a caregiver and then find out later that they’re not qualified.

3. Stay local and find a locally run home care provider

Research the local home care providers in your community and read online reviews. If you know someone else who has used a caregiver provider, follow up on that lead. Make sure your home care provider has a dedication to the communities they serve. Ensure you get personal and locally based care by asking about their personalized care plans.

After determining which home care provider you’ll work with, ask to interview the potential in-home caregiver. Prepare a list of clear and concise questions to ask, and don’t go exclusively on a resume. Once it’s time to schedule an interview, you may wish to invite a family member or friend to provide a helpful second opinion. An interview is a useful tool for determining a person’s personality. From the interview, you can get a sense if it’s a locally run service. A home care provider that brings you skilled care alongside a focus on the communities they live and work in can deliver good personalized care plans.

About Home Care Providers

A dedication to the quality of care and maintaining high standards is what helps set Home Care Providers apart. Our caregivers, LVNs, CNA’s, CHHA’s, and RN’s go through a rigorous hiring process and are continually reviewed and monitored by our dedicated team to ensure the highest level of care. For more information, call us at (714) 671-6877 or schedule a consultation here.

Home Care Providers has been bringing skilled at-home care services to Southern California for over 30 years. We are BBB accredited, as well as members of the Home Care Association of America, California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH) and Regional Center of Orange County.