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COVID-19 Procedures

During this period of changes per COVID-19, Home Care Providers is providing the following COVID-19 safety measures for client respite and senior care:

  • All caregivers and nurses will continue to follow Home Care Providers (HCP) Hand Hygiene policy to minimize the potential for cross-contamination—this includes handwashing or the use of antibacterial hand gel.
  • We are reaching out to you—all clients and their family members—that we will continue utilizing Standard Precautions per Infection Control practice for any potential exposure to blood and body fluids.
  • Standard Precautions will remain ongoing. This will continue until the appropriate government agencies have deemed personal protective equipment (PPE) is no longer required in relationship to COVID-19.
  • Furthermore, the required use of PPE for every client visit may be continued beyond government notification that the use of it may cease, should the client/family request such a continuation.
  • Additionally, to mitigate any care risks during this period of COVID-19, all caregivers and nurses will wear a mask and gloves during all time spent in our client’s home environment; shoe covers are also being made available for our employees to wear in the home per the request of the client/family.
  • Also, PPE and antibacterial hand gel will remain available in our employee office.
  • Our employees will also continue to self-report any of signs and symptoms. The phone app used by HCP employees for COVID-19 symptoms reporting will continue to be used before every client visit. Employees will continue to self-monitor for flu-like signs/symptoms, including fever, body aches, sore throat, and/or persistent cough.
  • Lastly, all employees will continue to be updated and required to follow any government-level changes to COVID-19 practice, as well as any changes or new information at the company level.
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