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The Importance Of Socialization For Seniors

The Importance Of Socialization For Seniors


Loneliness and Isolation in Seniors

An article was published by Time magazine in 2019, stating that out of every three seniors, one is suffering from loneliness. Although this may not appear to be something big, loneliness is quickly becoming one of the worst health hazards of our times. According to data from the CDC, the risk of health issues and complications is increased by social loneliness and isolation for older adults including:

  • Heart disease
  • Dementia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

The Coronavirus pandemic has increased social isolation. The result is a lot more people experiencing loneliness, especially seniors. One of the most important solutions to this crisis is social distancing. Unfortunately, this means remaining physically close is not possible at this time because it is not safe. We recommend following the social interactions during the pandemic provided they follow the CDC guidelines.

Home Care Providers understands the importance of helping seniors remain comfortable and entertained. Providing elderly home care in Yorba Linda, we can recommend several different options for seniors including starting a new hobby.

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Starting A New Hobby

We recommend any new hobby that catches the attention of the senior. That includes:

  • Knitting
  • Scrapbooking
  • Becoming a member of a book club
  • Painting
  • Learning a new language
  • Fly fishing

Home Care Providers offer a wide selection of options for different interests. Not only does this involve applying the use of the brain by performing an activity and learning, but seniors also have a chance to connect with other people with a common interest. Since connecting with someone else in person is not always possible right now, a wide range of digital spaces have been created.

Such provides a remote connection through the basis of a shared hobby. We believe this is extremely important when fighting senior loneliness.

Connecting In The Digital Spaces

Virtual interactions offer an excellent opportunity to remain connected to people far away despite the circumstance preventing seniors from socializing outside of their homes. Yes, new technology is confusing to some of the older adults. Despite this, several user-friendly apps have been created. Seniors can use these apps just by touching a button on their computer or smartphone.

We have seen a lot of seniors using social media sites including Facebook as a connection to the people they love. Some of the other options include:

This app was created for well-being and emotional health. Seniors can have a conversation with trained volunteers via text for whatever they need.

This app was designed to make certain everyone feels encouraged, understood, and heard. Seniors can participate in telephone conversations and talk to compassionate individuals happy to listen.

This is another local Orange County option that helps connect seniors to family and friends. It is an Ipad that is more user-friendly in that it allows users to engage in video chats, check news, view pictures, and send messages.

We recommend numerous virtual counseling options including Talkspace. This app connects seniors with licensed therapists. Some insurance plans even cover the cost.

Adopting a Pet

A furry friend at home is a wonderful way of combating loneliness and social isolation. Even though having a conversation with a pet is technically not possible, pets are an excellent option to keep seniors company. We recommend selecting a pet matching the lifestyle, mobility, and energy level of the senior. Before committing, consider the temperament, activity level, and diet of the animal.

This will help ensure the pet is a blessing as opposed to a hindrance. Pets are just one of many options to combat loneliness. Anyone needing social activity or feeling socially isolated can find the best connection for their needs. The options mentioned above are meant to be a place to begin. Seniors can start new conversations, make new friends, and share interests quickly and easily.

For more information about senior loneliness, contact Home Care Providers for elderly home care in Yorba Linda.

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