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Guide To Choosing Travel Companions For The Elderly

Guide To Choosing Travel Companions For The Elderly

Traveling and seeing new places is always exciting. As we age, it gets more difficult and complicated to travel and may require senior travel companion services. As an elderly in Orange County, you can still travel around and discover new places. Read on to find out how senior travel companions can help you travel with ease.

What Do Travel Companions Do?

You can seek senior travel companion services based on your travel needs. For example, you can have someone with you just for company, especially if you suffer from travel anxiety. Your companion, in this case, is solely for companionship, can also make travel arrangements and update your family from time to time. With this type of companion, you get a partner to enjoy all your adventures with.

You can also get an assistance travel companion whose primary purpose is to make your trip as comfortable as possible. They can pick you up from your home, help you pack up your suitcase and drive you to the airport. If you like, they can also travel with you abroad and assist you throughout your journey. With these types of companions, you get to enjoy maximum flexibility.

Another common type of travel companion is a medical travel companion, whose primary responsibility is to look after your well-being, which is especially crucial for patients with medical conditions. From keeping track of medication to helping you take a bath, these travel companions  can be medical professionals, usually registered nurses or professional caregivers.

This said, travel companions’ services are not limited to seniors but anyone who requires them. These can be parents who need help with kids when traveling, people with disabilities needing assistance to get around, or people recovering from an illness or surgery who want to travel.

What You Should Consider When Hiring A Travel Companion

It is important to consider these considerations when seeking senior travel companion services.


Qualifications differ depending on what type of travel companion you’re looking to hire. For example, if you are looking to hire a companion in Orange County, it is crucial to ensure they have the right qualifications to take care of you.

The same goes for other types of travel companions. You can always do a background check to find out if they qualify. Also, remember to check their experience. It’s always better to go with someone with years of experience than just starting out.


Hiring a travel companion can be costly, depending on the type of service you require. Also, traveling with them is an additional cost. Flight and hotel costs are also additional costs to consider.

When it comes to hiring a flight nurse, it might cost $3000 to $5000, exclusive of the flight. Ensure you get a quotation before hiring a travel companion. Some agencies offering senior travel companion services provide free consultations, like Home Care Providers, to ensure maximum transparency.

Physical Abilities

A travel companion should be up to the task. Can they transfer you to and from your wheelchair? Are they able to push you in a wheelchair uphill? Ensure you go for a travel companion that can meet your needs.


Ensure your travel companion is licensed and insured.

Senior Travel Companion Services In Orange County

At Home Care Providers, your health and well-being are our priority. We believe every senior citizen deserves to be looked after and given the right support to live their lives to the fullest. We offer various services tailored to meet your travel needs and have a team of qualified staff. Call and schedule your FREE care assessment today!

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